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PostSubject: Zealot   Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:06 am


No matter what setup you decide to go with skills will always be the same.

Holy Shield
Sacrifice (maxed at level 96)

Remaining points go into blessed aim for the 5% Bonus to Attack Rating per lvl.

Defiance should be maxed before Sacrifice, because the defense bonus from defiance is more important than the damage increase from Sacrifice.


Strength: On every setup you only put enough str in to use the gear and no more.

*Note: It is a good idea to find out how much str you need to put in before you start dumping points in, or else you may waste a lot of points.

Dexterity: On most setups you only put in enough dex to get max block.

Vitality: As much as you can spare goes in here.

Energy: Delete char and make a caster if you put points in here.


Weapon: Ebotdz
Armor: Fortitude
Shield: Glitched eth exile ed/ar
Helm: Coa 15% base dr ber/ber
Rings: 2x ravens
Amulet: Highlords
Gloves: Steelrends
Boots: Upgraded Gore Riders
Belt: 15% Damage Reduce Verdungos

Switch: +3 holy shield / +6 bo cta / Hoz

Charms: 37 32020s or dmg/ar/life charms

Step 1: Make sure walk is ON (running lowers your block %)
Step 2: Hit ! and say go
Step 3: Click on opponent and hold
Step 4: Close your eyes and hope he dies first
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