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PostSubject: Foh   Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:13 am

credit to creation of this guide goes to llcoolflo3@d2jsp.com

6.F Keys
8.Poor mans choice

Hello I am Flo aka Floly or SuPerFlo from Germany.
I played nearly all PvP chars and played Foh for nearly 1,5years.
FoH is a strong char and you will only have trouble with Ele druis and mass stackers/abs.
To avoid that problem we will use charge/smite sometimes.
This char is a very expensive char and you should follow my guide otherwise its nearly useless.

20 foh
20 holy shock
20 holy shield
1light res aura
1cold res aura
if you got any rest points left put them into fana for better smite dmg or go for fire/light res aura to get the hidden bonus 0,5res per lvl
for example 10 points in 10fire res aura would add a bonus of +5max res
xx conv ( your opinion is needed here , you can go for max conv to have a good chance vs other fohs, only 25with items if you dont care about foh vs foh and then you got spare points left for fana / res aura or only 25conv with items if you know how to avoid the conv bug)

Note:Normal Conv bug=if you got lvl 20 conv and i only 1 then your conv>my conv
normally we would get both - res but only the HIGHER conv lvl is counting and so you would not get -res only me

Str: you will have to put some str into items around x - 2x depending on your anni / torch
dex: max block with items the following items on: griffon, pc amu, bt, zaka , scepter, 2 bk, rare gloves, wws



3foh 5sox scepter sock light jewels good @s at scepter could be conv , vigor , medi
That is our main weapon and will be used in most of our duells.
The add of 25% increases our dmg and -25 is welcome too
The base skills can save skill points and and increasing our dmg ofc

doom ba
this can be handy vs smiter/java/bow since it lowers their attack speed and also gives a decent smite/charge dmg which is usefull vs bow/java

grief pb
you can use this instead of doom too but its mainly used vs abs/stack users , if you are playing with it vs bow/smite/java then use holy freeze

for the elite lamers vs light chars

silence pb
useful vs blizz/foh but be sure about the dmg loss

useful if fcr is needed and for oak
can be used vs hammer too to confuse him wiht nl


Griffon light jewel
its our main helm and used in most duells

griff lo
this is useful vs trap/light/java

Shako Ber
its only useful in tvt or 1onx because sometimes you need tg instead of bb and then we are missing dr
it can be used too for bo/holy shield precast

Kira Lo
its useful vs foh or in tvt if you are playing vs blizz + light/java/trap or foh

Kira Ber
only useful vs v/t or in tvt vs blizz/foh + melee

dream helm
used vs ele/shape to destroy his summons

kira um/cr/lr jewel
useful vs blizz/foh


3pc xxx life amu or n1 stats/craft amu with 2pala xxdex xxlife res amu
this is our main amu

used for precast or vs foh/blizz

rising sun
useful vs fb sorcs


zaka light jewel
our main shield

zaka ps
useful vs blizz

zaka pt
useful vs foh

4ps pala shield with base res
good vs blizz

4pt pala shield with base res
good vs foh

dream shield
used vs shape/ele to destroy his summons

spirit 35fc sacred targe base res
if you are using eni and you want faster tele (fcr) then go for spirit

exile sacred targe
useful vs abs/stackers


Bt light jewel
this is our main armor

Bt ber
useful vs melee

Eni bp
useful vs necs using bp

Fade armor
useful vs blizz/foh or vs melee since 1lvl fade=1dr

best choice = dire fingers
main gloves

2. choice rare/craft gloves with str , dex , cr , lr
if you cant get dire finger then this are your main gloves

3. choice bloodfist
only useful if you are going to smite since we nn fhr on pure foh, but if you are using it with smite then you need a rare ring with str to fix str problems

useful if you smite but get raven for the missing dex (that doesnt count if your main gloves are bloodfist)

our main rings

useful in tvt . if you are statted on ww and have to put on hots then you weare hots + raven to get max block
or used vs cold sosos, its needed if you play with dracul since the dex on our main gloves is missing then.
be sure if you wanna smite in a duel always go for one raven since smite without cnbf=too slow

useful for oak or vs java/light/trap, can be used vs hammers too since they always nl tele on you and then they catch the oak perhaps

useful vs fb


our main belt

useful vs trap/java/light but be sure you loose 25dex from bb so if you are playing vs light char + melee get a raven to fix the dex prob a bit

our main boots

useful vs fb or assas using fire

useful vs blizz/foh

cta + pala spirit ( try to get a low str req one)




9 pc sks life

10* 20/5s /10*20 11 cr / 10*20 11lr/10*20 11pr scs

The general eq is:
griff light
3pc xx life amu/ craft amu
foh stick
bt light
zaka light
rare/bloodfist gloves


just use psv charge and foh unless noticed anywhere
if you got low life charge away with vigor and hide . press w for cta slot and make medi for massive repl!
if you are going to smite get a raven for cnbf since frozen smiter=too slow
always think about your enemie
vs some chars like bow you have to go on screen but vs chars like soso try to avoid her since your range with foh is over 1 screen
vs tele chars always charge/tele to west/9 , south/6, east 3 but NEVER move to 12/north

Vs fb:[/B]
just hots , if you wanna lame rising sun , hots , dwarfs, zaka vex

[B]vs blizz:
get 2raven and 20 11s if you wanna lame precast fade , 2raven , 2xx cr shield, kira um/cr jewel, cold res aura, stormtrack

vs light:
tg if you wanna lame , tg ,wisps ,zaka lo, kira/griff lo

*note: if the sorcs are using abs/stack and you cant kill them get grief+exile and charge them
will be ez since the most sosos got spirit -> no max block

vs barb:
ok you have to check if the barb is using stack/abs
vs normal barbs just use zaka ber
if they are using massive res get grief + exile and foh them a bit till they nl tele on you
be sure that you only use walk mode!

vs bow:
ok different opportunities
doom ba charge nl ama smite sometimes if shes running make one foh then charge again etc.. use zaka ber
grief same like above and use zaka ber
you can go for exile too but be sure you dont got maxblock

vs java:
tg if you wanna lame tg, kira/griff lo , wisps , zaka lo
use doom too slow her and do some fohs if shes low charge and smite her
or use grief and do the same tactic

vs hammer:
some options here:
grief + exile
or normal eq but use wisp for oak
just charge away and foh if the pala is using stack/abs charge away and if hes tele nl you stand sometimes still and smite him if you are using grief/exile
if the hammer is using a lot of oak the go for holy shock sometimes or go for dream

vs smiter:
if they use abs/light res aura take exile & grief and pwn them
after 1 duell they will check it and will go for smite vs smite gear then you foh them and if they come close go for cold aura and foh them
if they use fana -> foh+ conv
if they use light res aura-> fana/freeze aura +smite

vs Foh:
ok if you dont know how to avoid the conv bug then go for 20 11s + wisp(s) and go for oak via wisp
if u wanna lame lr shield , tg, wisps , stormtracks, kira lo, silence pb
or try to get as high conv as possible via 10 off, 3off amu , 3off 3conv scepter

vs Psn nec:
get the set amu with psn reduce etc dunno the name atm ^^
be sure that you got 75res even with lr otherwise charge away and use cleansing
if hes using boneprisons go for charge vigor to desynch as hell or go for eni to tele
if you want use zaka gul or some
andy helm can help too

vs pb nec:
go for max dmg stuff and eni if he is using bps
if you go for eni and you want fcr then go for spirit + hoto =75fc

vs summon nec:
if hes using bp go for eni and if you want fcr go for spirit + hoto = 75fc
just charge/tele down and do fohs after a time you will get a lucky hit or the summons will die

vs shaper:
most shapers are ez but if they are decent and using a lot of stack/abs then go for
doom + zaka ber or
doom + exile
grief + exile
if you are using doom then you can just nl foh him if hes @ 1life he will transform into a huma then use holy frost/holy shock/charge to finish him
if you are using grief then do holy shock to kill his summons and go for nl charge and smite
if you dont wanna use anything of it go for dream helm/shield or both to destroy his summons and just nl foh him

vs ele drui:
ok the nightmare of every foh

some solutions:
grief + exil + bt ber
grief + dream helm + dream shield to destroy his summons and then go for nl charge/smite
go for raven for cnbf

F Keys014
do what you want but between tvt and 1on1 is difference

for tvt:
charge on left skill so u can charge near someone and conv and your teammate(s) can easy kill them with conv

skills that should be marked:
holy shield
holy sock
light res/cold res aura

for 1on1:
charge on right to get near and then foh with left

general tactics for tvt:
always think about your enemy!
do i need dr?
i need abs/res?
do i need max block?
do i need tele ?
im going to smite?then i need fhr and cnbf!
dracul vs ama/sorc
im the only char with bo in my team?perhaps i go for mara since it increases my bo lvl?
always try to get a good mix of life , dmg , res , dr , maxblock!

Poor mans choice:

griffon lightjewel
3pc xx life amu
zaka light jewel
bt light jewel
bk , bk , raven , raven
3foh 5sox light jewel scepter
cta / spirit
9 pc sks, anni, 10*20 5s

Stats of my old FoH aka FU-Floly lvl 92:
9,0-9,6 FoH Dmg
4,6-5,7 life
205-6xx res
42-75 block
2,x smite dmg with grief

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